Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy statement

Party Trust makes every effort to protect your privacy according to European law (GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation ).

Party Trust respects the privacy of all website users and ensures that the personal information of customers is treated confidentially.

When you visit our website, we do not register any personal information. We only register data for the purpose of optimizing our site. More information can be found in our “ Cookie statement ” (at the bottom of this page) .  

If you make contact via our website forms, via social media or by telephone, we only use your data to perform the requested service or to answer your question. The forms on the website are secured via an encrypted connection (https: //).  

From our clients we register or personal data. These contact details only serve to communicate, to allow invoicing to proceed , to determine the delivery and to provide information via our newsletter. The newsletter is sent via an internal service and includes the option to unsubscribe.  

Also for our customers ...

  • We do not share personal information with outside organizations for marketing or analytics purposes. The personal data is only accessible by Webdesign Stekkedoos.
  • We ensure that personal data is not disclosed or ends up in the wrong hands and take regular backups to prevent data loss.
  • We only keep personal data as long as you are a customer of Party Trust .
  • We do not share your data outside the EU.
  • No use is made of automated decision-making (profiling).

As a Party Trust customer, do you want to view your personal details? This can be done by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 

Cookie statement

The Party Trust website uses cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies jeopardize the safety of your computer is not at risk. Party Trust uses cookies to make your visit to our website more fun and easier.  

Cookies are small information files that are stored when you visit the website on the device with which you visit our website, such as a computer, tablet, smartphone or smartwatch.

There are the following types of cookies:

  • Essential cookies that are necessary for a website to function. For example : navigation on the website, tracking the contents of the shopping cart , ... 
  • Functional cookies provide a personalized browsing experience that keeps track of information about your choices and preferences on a website. For example : usernames , passwords and preferences ( such as the language setting ). 
  • Analytical and Performance cookies that collect information about the behavior of website visitors and the performance of the website. This tells us how many visitors come to our site, how long they stayed, what they clicked on and which parts are popular. Based on the results, the website can be improved and visitors get a better user experience. 
  • Marketing cookies that track the surfing behavior of website visitors and, based on this, compile a user profile that is used to make the surfing experience more personal. 

These cookies can come from:

  • First party cookies are only placed by our website itself 
  • Third party cookies are then placed by another party such as Google Analytics. 

Which cookies do we use and what purpose do they serve?

On the Party Trust website we use essential and functional cookies to make the website work properly.   

In addition, we also use analytical and performance cookies (Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager ) to keep track of visitor statistics. We have taken the following measures to protect your personal data as much as possible:   

  • We do not store visitor statistics for longer than is really necessary (26 months).
  • We have entered into a processor agreement with Google.
  • We do not share data with Google for advertising purposes.
  • We do not use User IDs .

We also use applications that use Cookies to improve our relationship with customers and prospects ( HubSpot CRM; HubSpot Analytics; Cloudflare )

How can you disable cookies?

You can also disable or delete the cookies or adjust the settings for cookies via the settings of your browser. As a result, you will no longer be able to use parts of the website. Do you still want to change the settings for cookies? Then you can find the instructions for different browsers here:  

This privacy and cookie statement is endorsed by

Party Trust (Group D webshop )

Maagdhoek 26, 8600 Diksmuide, Belgium. Company number : 0662.422.007



This page was last modified on 22/04/2021.