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Which adhesive tape should I use for temporary carpets?

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The choice of adhesive tape for temporary carpets is important. There are many types of tapes on the market, but the most important thing is that no adhesive residue is left behind. Especially if you use the carpet in a space such as a sports hall or an event hall where the adhesive tape should not leave any adhesive residue. After all, you want to leave as soon as possible after your event or exhibition. We hear from several customers who used the wrong adhesive tape that they were obliged by the owner of the room to remove the glue traces.

The width of the tape also plays a role if you use temporary carpets. A minimum width of 5 cm is recommended to properly glue the carpets together.

If you can easily tear off the adhesive tape, laying temporary carpet will go a lot faster. Tape that is difficult to tear or that requires scissors or a utility knife can easily double the working time.

The best solution is to use double-sided tape. On the outside you glue it completely under the carpet, under the seams you glue both carpet edges to half of the tape. When processing on stairs you have to add some extra tape due to the many angles. Technically, it is also best to stick a little extra here and there with large surfaces so that they remain firmly in place in large passages.

In principle, the type of surface (stone, metal, wood, fabric) is less important for temporary carpets. The structure of the carpet does make a difference. You can have carpets with a slightly woolier feel, or in thicker fibers and heavier PVC qualities (these are more intended for the contract market and for outside).

We offer 2 different types for carpets that are left in place for a short period of time. The tapes have proven their value in the event sector for many years. However, together with our suppliers, we are always looking to improve the quality of the temporary adhesive tape.


Which adhesive tape should I use for temporary carpets?

  1. Must not leave adhesive residue
  2. Has a minimum width of 5cm
  3. Can be easily torn off by hand
  4. Is double sided


Can I use adhesive tape for outdoor temporary carpets?

If you want to glue outdoors, you must always ensure a dry and dust-free surface. If you don't have a suitable surface, you can also use posts to cordon off the carpet or the red carpet. The barrier posts are easy to install and ensure that your carpet will not blow.

If you do have a dry and dust-free surface, you can also use adhesive tape outside.


Check out our adhesive tape for temporary carpets.


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